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We're a midwest AI Alliance working together to help enterprises incorporate AI/ML solutions in to their workflows.

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What we offer

AI Learning Seminars

Elevate your team's AI proficiency by harnessing the full potential of renowned platforms like OpenAI, Bard, Claude, and more. Our workshops not only focus on the technical aspects but also on critical elements like data safety. Equip your workforce to spearhead your AI transformation journey.

  • Mastering Prompt Engineering
  • Upholding Data Privacy
  • Navigating AI Development

Custom AI Assistants

Elevate productivity by deploying AI agents tailored to perform recurring tasks, seamlessly integrating with collaboration platforms such as Teams, Slack, and Discord.

  • Craft Personalized AI Collaborators
  • Task Automation
  • Talk with your Systems

Private Large Language Models

Operating in a stringent regulatory environment? Concerned about data confidentiality with public AI models? We specialize in crafting Large Language Models that respect your privacy, optimized for both in-house and cloud deployments.

  • LLama2
  • Palm2
  • GPT4All

Customized AI Services

Possess a groundbreaking idea for an AI/ML solution but unsure of its execution? Partner with us to bring your AI vision to life with custom algorithms designed just for you.

  • Proprietary Algorithms
  • Universal Design
  • Integrations

Vector Databases

Dive into the realm of structured, high-dimensional data with our tailor-made vector databases. Whether you're dealing with vast information landscapes or need precision targeting in your search capabilities, our custom vector databases stand ready to accelerate and refine your operations.

  • Advacned Data Structuring
  • Hyper Targeted Search
  • Knowledge Transfer

Enterprise Wide Prompt Library.

Streamline your AI interactions with our meticulously crafted prompt libraries. Specifically designed for your organization's needs, our libraries optimize the efficiency and accuracy of AI engagements, ensuring consistent and superior results every time.

  • Currated Prompts
  • Evolving Libraries
  • Predictable Outputs

Use Cases

Be the BigCheese

BigCheese will supercharge your business operations. With our diverse array of 40+ AI agents, services, and expertise - we can streamline your business processes like never before.