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Episode #22: AI and Your Health

Show Notes

BigCheese AI Podcast Show Notes

Episode: The Rise of Machines and Personal Health

Hosted by: DeAndre Harakas Guests: Sean Hise, Jacob Wise, Brandon Corbin

Topics Covered:

  • Integration of AI into wearables for personal health
  • Data privacy concerns with health-related AI and wearables
  • Issues faced by UnitedHealth with inaccurate AI predictions
  • The concept of all current AI being in beta testing
  • Personal experiences with Whoop and Apple Watch
  • Accuracy issues with wearables' health metrics
  • AI's role in personalizing medicine and its limitations
  • Ethical and privacy implications of AI in the healthcare industry
  • Leaplife and Doctor GPT app reviews and privacy concerns
  • The launch of the BigCheese AI Daily, an AI-generated daily podcast

Relevant Quotes:

  • "Right now, anything that's going on in AI is in beta." - Brandon Corbin
  • "I think there should absolutely be a nutrition facts on the back of these wearables that says your heart rate monitor accuracy rating will be up to 80% accurate." - Sean Hise
  • "I've been tracking things now for about nine years... I don't necessarily care if it's wrong as long as it's consistently wrong." - Brandon Corbin
  • "You have to be able to compete... probably are gone the days in the next X amount of years, in the near future, where you can just do a job kind of stagnant." - Brandon Corbin
  • "There's billions of dollars invested in this industry and we're still off that much?" - DeAndre Harakas when discussing wearables accuracy

The podcast discussed the current state of AI in healthcare, focusing on the use (and often the misuse) of AI in wearables and personal health apps. The team shared their concerns about the accuracy of health metrics provided by wearables, the ethical considerations of AI diagnosis without human oversight, and the privacy policies of health apps that may share sensitive data. Brandon Corbin announced the release of the BigCheese AI Daily, an AI-generated podcast providing daily updates on AI news and products.