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Episode #23: Can Apple win the AI race?

Show Notes

Apple's AI Strategy – A Bellwether of Change or Just Hype?

Host: DeAndre Harakas Co-hosts: Sean Hise, Jacob Wise, and Brandon Corbin

Topics Covered:

Apple and AI: What's happening in Apple's AI space? Apple's historical involvement with AI in features like photo recognition and facial detection. The difference between Apple's adoption of AI features and other companies' approaches. Salary competition in the AI field, particularly with OpenAI's high compensations. The introduction of Realm (retrieval augmented language model pre-training) and its potential impact. Apple's approach to integrating AI subtly into existing applications, such as HealthKit and photos. The potential of Apple entering the AI search engine market. Discussion on the importance of the user experience in Apple's product. Concerns about privacy and on-device AI processing. Businesses and mid-market opportunities in the AI space. Rumors and speculations around Apple's AI endeavours.


"Apple's always been like, no, this is our stack, our operating system that we built that you're going to have an experience on our device." Regarding discussions on salary: "Just on a salary, yeah, again, like, so I mean, you're your taxes are covered, your insurance is paid and you're getting your... I wonder how HR feels when they get like the two-week going to New Zealand notification from the $900K guy." On Apple's potential partnership with Google for AI: "Well, let's just talk about Apple's success has always been around the fact that they don't have to build stuff for other people and have them screw it up." "They're [smaller AI-focused companies] going to be available to you. Do you need co-pilots? Do you need that when it's all just built directly into the operating system?"

Additional Notes:

The hosts discuss the convenience of Apple's potential AI implementations and its subtlety in product features that are already partially AI-driven. Concerns are raised regarding how businesses interface with AI and the potential difficulties surrounding corporate data and privacy standards. There are mentions of potential candidates for Apple's AI partnerships or acquisitions like perplexity and anthropic. The hosts ruminate on whether Apple can successfully execute its AI strategy considering their historical product developments and emphasis on user experience. (Note: The show notes reflect the conversational nature of the podcast with multiple topics touched upon in a single, unscripted discussion.)