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Ep. #20 – Special Guest McKenah Elizabeth, AI & Sales

Sales with AI and Social Media Insights with McKenah Elizabeth

Show Notes

Sales with AI and Social Media Insights with McKenah Elizabeth
Topics Covered:
1. Introduction of McKenah Elizabeth, a TikTok influencer and sales leader.
2. McKenah's background in tech roles, sales, and customer success.
3. Her career transition from elementary education to tech roles and sales.
4. Use of TikTok for video editing and professional marketing.
5. Focus of McKenah's online persona on sales and career advice.
6. The role of AI in modern sales techniques and efficiency.
7. Discussion of Sales Loft and its AI features for sales enhancement.
8. The predictive aspect of AI in sales and its potential ethical considerations.
9. The future of AI in customer service and account management.
10. Building a massive TikTok audience and content creation strategies.
11. McKenah's transition to independent consulting for tech companies through Tech Social.
12. Discussion on AI sales tools like Sales Loft, and new AI tools like Flike.
13. Relevance of AI BDRs, and overall impact of AI on sales roles.
Relevant Quotes:
- McKenah on her use of TikTok: "I started using TikTok as a way to edit videos to post on LinkedIn so that my clients would see."
- On the role of AI in sales: "I use Sales Loft every day. And they have a lot of AI features within Sales Loft... It'll summarize all the action items and I can boom, put them in an email."
- Regarding the AI's augmentation in sales: "I think buyer behavior is just getting full visibility to that, and then that AI component... is actually taking all those data points and then organizing my to-do list."
- On ethical considerations in sales with AI: "I don't think we're gonna get to a point where it's obvious... if it was looking at how I frame things... and it could take on my tone, I'd really like to see it sort of like morph to me."
- Advice on building a TikTok audience: "The biggest thing is the hook, sounds, and then captions are super important."
The podcast provides insights into using AI tools to enhance sales performance, discusses ethical considerations, explores McKenah's personal journey and expertise in social media influence for sales, and talks about the future prospects of AI in the sales industry.