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Episode #8: Can AI really Help us?

This episode covers a range of topics related to artificial intelligence (AI), including its impact on the future of work, the potential benefits of Neuralink for people with disabilities, and the use of AI in preventing homelessness and enhancing government efficiency. It also discusses the role of Big Tech in AI development, the economics of AI in terms of job creation and loss, and concludes with thoughts on how AI might lead to a more fulfilling human experience, inviting listeners to send questions for the next episode featuring AI representations of historical figures.

Show Notes

Guests: Brandon Corbin, Sean Hise, Jacob Wise, and Andre Harakas.

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The Future of Work with AI: Discussion on the impact of artificial general intelligence (AGI) on the job market and the potential for universal basic income. The panel explores whether AI advancements could lead to less work and more leisure time.

    Relevant Quote: "It's a situation where, hey, a lot of things can be done automatically using AI...entire job roles can be automated out."

  • Neuralink and its Implications: Brandon Corbin explains what Neuralink is and its potential to help people with disabilities, such as blindness or paralysis, through bypassing damaged nerves.

    Relevant Quote: "Once we can read and write [to the brain], we can bypass any problems."

  • AI for Good: A discussion on an experimental program in LA aimed at preventing homelessness through predictive analytics, and the role of AI in healthcare, preventive measures, and equitable resource allocation.

    Relevant Quote: "We have data on people. We know what looks like people who are going to become homeless, and we can identify them with that data set and give them the help that they need, hopefully, before that happens."

  • The Role of Big Tech in AI Development: Questions around the ethics and consequences of Big Tech companies controlling AI advancements. The debate covers the consequences of AI used for profit versus AI for the collective good.

    Relevant Quote: "For the last 10 years...all we've done is just build platforms that just get people addicted to them so we can sell ads on top of that."

  • Government Efficiency and AI: The idea of AI being used to make government operations more efficient. The potential for AI to improve service delivery while being mindful of economic considerations.

    Relevant Quote: "The number one opportunity in the world right now is to make governments more efficient."

  • The Economics of AI: A look into the changing nature of the economy with AI, the potential creation and loss of jobs, consumer demand, and the alignment with economic incentives.

    Relevant Quote: "By 2025, 85 million jobs could be replaced by AI...97 million jobs are going to be created."

Final Thoughts: The podcast wraps up with a broader discussion on AI's potential to usher in a golden age for humanity where there is more time for passions and family. The group touches on the need for society and individuals to adapt to AI-powered changes and the pivotal role of consumer demands in shaping AI's impact.

Contact Information: Listeners are invited to email questions to podcast@bigcheese.ai for the next episode, where the guests will be AI representations of historical figures.