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Episode #24: The Future of AI

Show Notes

Show Notes: BigCheese AI Podcast

Hosted by Brandon Corbin (filling in for DeAndre Harakas), with co-hosts Sean Hise, Jacob Wise, and a special mention of Tim Hickel for the upcoming episode.

Topic: Predictions of Where AI Is Headed in the Next 10 Years

  • The discussion on AI predictions is set against the background of upcoming practical episodes on marketing and personal finance.

  • The conversation kicks off with expectations for Apple's performance, particularly their financial growth and AI-related developments:

  • Anticipation of Apple's stock potentially hitting $1,000 and possibly splitting twice.

  • Discussion revolves around Apple's developments, such as the Apple Vision Pro, financial performances, and the rise in stock prices post-announcement.

  • Mention of AI research, narrative on Reddit, and Apple's potential success in the AI space.

  • Debate on Apple's AI-powered M4 chip, expected to drive AI on devices and increase refresh rates for Apple products.

  • Conversation extends to the broader tech ecosystem:

  • Noting a decline in the rate at which people are purchasing new iPhones.

  • Reference to Apple's shift in focus from producing cars to focusing on AI and robotics.

  • Personal anecdotes related to Bitcoin, with discussions on its value increase and relationship to AI.

  • The role of AI in streamlining personal efficiency and organization is highlighted, with practical examples of using AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini for personal tasks.

  • Discussions on notion and content creation platforms:

  • Notion is highlighted as a powerful and flexible platform for content organization and sharing.

  • Comparison of Notion to Apple, and Obsidian as its Android counterpart, with the former being more user-friendly and the latter more open.

  • Personal experiences using Notion, including new features like calendar integration.

  • Predictions on the future role of AI:

  • Integration of AI with household robots, potentially leading to widespread domestic use in higher-income homes.

  • The nature of AI and robot interaction with humans, and potential security and ethical considerations.


  • "Apple's going to do well in the AI space."
  • "What's the market of AI spend in revenue in the next 10 years?"
  • "AI and the blockchain have any sort of relationship in the next 10 years?"
  • "People are creative beings and they figure out other things to do."
  • "Everything we're doing today all of the AI work we're doing today is a hundred percent for the robots of the future."
  • "Accessibility keeps coming up here."

Upcoming Episodes:

  • AI in Marketing with guest Tim Hickel.
  • AI and Personal Finance with a CS/CFO who is developing AI tools.

The hosts share light-hearted personal stories and debates, leading to a well-rounded discussion focused on the future influence and integration of AI in technology, finance, and day-to-day life.