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Episode #25: AI and Marketing

Show Notes

BigCheese Podcast Show Notes

Episode Title: AI and the Future of Work and Buying

Host: Jacob Wise Co-hosts: Sean Hise, Brandon Corbin Special Guest: Tim Hickel

Topics Covered:

  1. Importance of Protocols vs Platforms for AI and Society
  • Discussion about the fundamental aspects of the internet and protocols' role in democratizing power away from major tech companies.
  1. Accessibility of Information
  • The potential loss when talented individuals don't have access to information.
  1. Centralization of Content and Control
  • Risks of a future where few platforms dictate content exposure based on location and other factors.
  1. Blue Sky and the Shift to Protocol-Based Social Media
  • Conversations around moving away from platforms and the potential effects of competitive social protocols like Blue Sky.
  1. The Problem with Existing Platforms and Moderation
  • Challenges of content moderation and user autonomy.
  1. Personal Curation of Social Feeds
  • Ben experiences with filtering out undesirable content and the concept behind Blue Sky for user-determined algorithms.
  1. Top AI-Enabled Marketing Tools
  • Jasper, Chat GPT, Notion, and Mid Journey discussed as valuable tools for marketing and content creation.
  1. The Usage of AI in the Buying Process
  • Future of AI in simplifying and personalizing the sales process.
  1. AI and Financial Decision-Making in Businesses
  • Teased for future discussion.
  1. User Generated Content (UGC) in Marketing
  • Effectiveness of UGC in modern advertising and testing different marketing personas.

Quotes: "It's very important for the fundamental aspects of the internet and the web to proliferate for AI to succeed long term, but also for society to succeed and to continue to have power for the community and the people to have some sort of power." "When you give talented people access to information, you make the world a bigger pie, a better place." "So I went down the objective of I'm going to make X bearable again. So I go in and I find how I can go and ban specific words from ever showing up in my timeline." "AI is bad at writing. AI is amazing at rewriting." "AI is great for things that don't need to be good." "The whole idea is, this is built around that platform versus protocol thesis of like, we need to move away from platforms."

Note: There were some technical issues towards the end of the podcast, including camera malfunctions and the need to rerecord the intro. Despite this, the conversation continued and was considered the best part of the podcast by the hosts.

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