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Episode #26 – AI and Finance with Dipen Mehta

Show Notes

Hosts: Sean Hise, Jacob Wise, and Brandon Corbin Special Guest: Dipen Mehta

Topics Covered:

  1. Personal Finance and AI
  2. The Evolution of Trading & Electronic Markets
  3. AI Algorithms in Trading
  4. The Impact of Large Language Models and Semantic Search in Trading
  5. Financial Advising and Client Relationships using AI
  6. Industry-Specific AI Applications
  7. Future of AI in Various Sectors including financial advising
  8. Use-cases of AI in Customer Service
  9. The Regulatory Landscape in Financial Services and AI
  10. The Role of Data in Personalized Financial Solutions
  11. AI's Contribution to Streamlining Operations
  12. Automation, Upskilling, and the Future Job Landscape
  13. Notion and Figma Integration - Leveraging Links

Relevant Quotes:

  • "We used a lot of technology, traded overnight, traded all 24 hours [...] It was a very competitive business."
  • "Even when we were trading we were data mining, finding opportunities, finding edges and then being able to implement those edges into trading algorithms to make money."
  • "Semantic search is a generative AI concept [...] a very powerful search capability that [allows you to] dissect a lot of data in a lot shorter period of time than how we used to do it back in the day."
  • "The customer's data and their experiences with your company can be used to create curated solutions for them that you may not have done in a mass way."
  • "I've seen companies that are serving a client that would have to basically be able to do that same work with hundreds of clients, which takes a lot of man-hours. Whereas now you can use that data and create those deliverables without using that human."
  • "90% of money managers can't beat the S&P 500 [...] a lot of it is your willingness to learn and be able to process the data and your experience to have tremendous success."
  • "I wouldn't want to touch your money. I would never want the impression that I'm not handling it correctly."

LInkes: Invest (iNVST.com), Super Amplify (superamplify.com)