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a day ago

FluentPal is an innovative language learning platform that leverages AI teachers to help users master foreign language speaking skills. Users can engage in role-playing situations and converse with AI renditions of famous personalities in multiple supported languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and Deutsch.

a day ago

Crawlr Labs offers real-time competitor monitoring solutions designed to turn shoppers into buyers by providing businesses with actionable competitor insights. With products like Crawlr Vision and automated reporting, businesses can refine their pricing strategies with confidence.

a day ago

Learnbase is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance the educational journey for students, professionals, and enthusiasts. It offers organization of notes, tracking of progress, and AI chat assistance.

a day ago

AIEditor is a next-generation rich text editor that is easy to use, supports any framework due to being based on Web Component, and provides extensive features for AI-powered text manipulation, including spelling and grammar checks, word expansion, condensation, translation, and summarization capabilities. It offers unlimited users and applications under LGPL license.

a day ago

AnyoneCanAI offers a suite of tools and resources designed to empower individuals and teams to incorporate artificial intelligence into product design. Features include an AI Ideation Room, Brainstorming Kit, and a library of Case Stories, Guides, Books, Articles, and Videos on AI design, tech, and business strategies.

2 days ago

FranzAI is an intelligent MVP email assistant leveraging ChatGPT-4o technology to automate email workflows such as setting reminders and managing tasks without any installation or signup. It offers up to 150 free AI email replies, with exciting pro features, like near unlimited responses and attachment handling, in development.

2 days ago

Raijin.ai, an AI-powered Customer Discovery and Intelligence Hub, assists teams in accelerating product development by aggregating customer conversations for relevant insights. With features like AI-driven thematic analysis, report writing, transcription, tagging, and segmentation, Raijin.ai is tailored for user researchers and product analysts, outshining general AI tools like ChatGPT with enhanced functionality and team collaboration.

2 days ago

Gep. is an AI-powered chatbot for Mac that leverages ChatGPT technologies to assist with tasks like content creation, brainstorming, and multilingual communication. It features a hotkey-triggered G-writer, customizable commands, and operates securely on your device. The app offers different themes, bookmarking, and plugin options (currently in beta). Pricing varies from free trial options to monthly subscriptions.

2 days ago

Ask Leo provides AI phone assistants tailored for non-technical users, enabling businesses to set up automated call-handling for various purposes without coding. Assistants can be set up instantly, function 24/7, and are customizable.

2 days ago
Translized - AI Software Localization

Translized offers a Translation Management System that empowers products with seamless, cost-effective solutions tailored for developers and product managers. The platform boasts high-quality localization services, developer time-saving tools like APIs and SDKs, and a variety of workflow integrations.

2 days ago

Klipy is an all-in-one Growth Management Platform designed to aid in revenue growth management by recording, analyzing, and coaching all activities with AI. It offers features such as enrichment, Auto CRM, pipeline orchestration, call analytics, and playbooks.

2 days ago
What Beats Rock

What beats rock is a simple web-based game themed around the classic rock, paper, scissors game. Players are challenged to choose the correct tool to beat a rock displayed on the screen.

2 days ago
Free LLM API Pricing Calculator

Comprehensive, free calculator to estimate the costs for various LLM APIs including OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and more, with up-to-date rates as of July 2024. Prices are given per model, context size, and tokens, helping to choose the right service for AI projects.

2 days ago
Audioscribe • AI-powered Record-to-Text

AudioScribe is an AI-powered tool that converts spoken audio into well-structured written notes, facilitating productivity for tasks such as project planning, brainstorming, and email writing.

3 days ago

Moshi Chat is an online group messaging platform designed to enable real-time communication for individuals and communities with various features catering to user's needs.

3 days ago

Keatext is an AI-powered text analytics platform that improves people experiences by leveraging customer and employee feedback. It offers seamless setup, cloud-based analytics, real-time insights, and AI-driven recommendations to enhance satisfaction and engagement.

3 days ago
AI Agents by Threado

Threado is an AI-powered platform providing instant automated support for customer-facing teams. It integrates with Slack, MS Teams, and Chrome, offering AI Agents trained on internal knowledge for quick setup and efficient query resolution.

4 days ago
Free Essay Checker AI

Essay AI offers a free essay checking tool that enhances academic writing by identifying grammatical errors, unclear phrasing, and incorrect word usage. It is trusted by top universities and streamlines the essay writing process with features like AI autocomplete, conversation assistance, source citation, paraphrasing, outline building, and comprehensive writing issue checks.

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