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Illustroke.com stands out as an innovative generative AI design tool, specifically tailored for creating vector illustrations from text prompts. This platform harnesses the power of AI to transform user-entered text into scalable vector graphics (SVG), a feature that is both unique and highly efficient in the realm of digital design. Its ability to generate three different illustration variants for each prompt offers users a valuable choice, catering to diverse design needs and preferences. Moreover, with over 40 distinct styles available, Illustroke is versatile enough to produce a wide range of illustrations, suitable for various applications such as website visuals, logos, and social media content.


Pet Booth: AI Pet Photos

PetBooth is an AI-powered service that transforms photos of your dog or cat into custom themes. With a 50% discount on all orders, users can upload pet photos, choose from over 80 themes, and receive a pack of unique images, including both photo-realistic and artistic styles.


Suno AI

Suno.ai is an innovative startup that provides a platform to create music using artificial intelligence. Users can easily compose songs using the company's web application.


Simple Analytics AI

Simple Analytics offers AI-powered tools to analyze website data with enhanced privacy. Chat with your analytics for real-time insights and comparisons, generate social media content from data, all with a focus on privacy and European data compliance.



tldraw is a simple yet powerful online drawing tool that supports various vector graphics operations and real-time collaboration. Users can quickly create diagrams, sketches, and notes, making it a versatile tool for both individuals and teams.



GitBrain is an AI-powered Git client for macOS, offering features like AI-generated commit messages, code splitting, and automatic code summary. It's designed for Mac with a keyboard-friendly interface including shortcuts for all operations.