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2 hours ago
Show HN: Midday – Run your business smarter (open-source)

Midday offers an all-in-one tool that serves as a modern layer between banks and accounting software, aimed at freelancers, contractors, and small businesses. It features time tracking, document vault, magic inbox, financial reporting, and is working on an invoicing system.

3 hours ago
Text-to-Music Editing for Music Language Models via Instruction Tuning

Instruct-MusicGen is a groundbreaking approach for text-to-music editing by finetuning a pretrained MusicGen model. It allows modification of music using text and introduces minimal new parameters with only 5K training steps needed, achieving superior performance across tasks.

9 hours ago
Document AI by Playmaker

Playmaker Document AI provides an AI-powered software tool designed to automate document-based workflows by eliminating manual work. With the ability to extract and validate data from a range of documents like contracts, invoices, and bank statements, it streamlines processes and integrates with over 300 services.

9 hours ago
Dropbase AI

Dropbase is a developer platform that enables the rapid building of custom internal tools and backend operations software. It streamically integrates with various tools and offers various dashboards and interfaces for managing data, such as admin panels, approval dashboards, and data editors.

9 hours ago

Voice Pen is an iOS app that transcribes speech to text using AI technology. It supports over 50 languages, allows AI-powered rewriting options such as summarizing and note-taking, and integrates with Apple devices for enhanced productivity. Users can record in the background and import audio, with the ability to store and organize notes efficiently.

9 hours ago

TrustLoop offers an AI-powered feedback and reputation management solution designed to help businesses boost conversion rates and gather product referrals. It accelerates product-market fit by capturing user feedback and guiding satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on various platforms such as TrustPilot, Capterra, G2, and Google. TrustLoop features a customizable survey and widget system, analytics, and automation capabilities.

9 hours ago

Socap.ai offers AI-powered networking and fundraising solutions for founders and investors, providing tools to grow networks and fundraise faster. Participants can access a platform with relevant connections, intro paths, and social capital sharing, as well as join fundraising bootcamps.

13 hours ago
Please don't mention AI again

A data scientist lashes out against the thoughtless application and discussion of AI in business and society. Despite having a formal training and successful career in the field, the author condemns the hype and misuse of AI, emphasizing the lack of genuine use cases and the disproportionate number of failed initiatives. The piece criticizes the bandwagon effect of business leaders and calls for a more rational, problem-solving approach to technology.

14 hours ago
Qualcomm AI/Copilot PCs don't live up to the hype

Qualcomm's new AI/Copilot PCs have been met with scrutiny as their actual performance and compatibility fall short of marketing promises. Claims of x86 emulation prowess are overshadowed by lack of software readiness and a locked-down Microsoft-dictated environment, raising concerns on security and real ownership. Qualcomm's tactics have led to limited independent reviews and substantial retailer incentives to mask these issues.

19 hours ago
OpenAI's former chief scientist is starting a new AI company

Ilya Sutskever, co-founder and former chief scientist of OpenAI, has launched a new AI company called Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI) with an emphasis on safety alongside capabilities. Alongside co-founders Daniel Gross and Daniel Levy, SSI aims to develop a safe and powerful AI without the external pressures of commercialization that often affect AI teams in larger companies such as Google and Microsoft.

19 hours ago
Zep AI (YC W24) is hiring back end engineers to build LLM long-term memory

Zep AI is hiring a Backend Engineer with a salary range of $125K to $200K offering equity between 0.40% to 0.60%. The position requires 3+ years of Go development experience or 7+ in other languages, with a strong focus on Go best practices, concurrency patterns, and performance optimization.

20 hours ago
Ilya Sutskever launches new AI company

Ilya Sutskever, co-founder and former chief scientist of OpenAI, launches a new company called Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI) after his departure from OpenAI. Alongside former colleagues, SSI aims to tackle AI safety concerns related to 'superintelligent' AI systems. The company, formed as a for-profit entity, is recruiting talent in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv.

a day ago
Google Meet AI Translate

Google Meet AI Translate is a Chrome extension that provides real-time translation of subtitles in Google Meet, facilitating international meetings by overcoming language barriers. It supports multiple languages and boasts AI-powered accurate translations to enhance communicative efficiency and inclusivity.

a day ago
AI-Powered Conversion From Enzyme to React Testing Library

Sergii Gorbachov, Senior Software Engineer at Slack, details the Enzyme-to-RTL (React Testing Library) conversion process necessitated by the lack of Enzyme support for React 18. Through implementing AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) transformations and collaborating with AI via Large Language Models, Slack aims to efficiently convert over 15,000 frontend tests, leveraging a hybrid approach for an anticipated 80% automation success rate.

a day ago
AI Messaging App for Product Teams

Wallow is a messaging and collaboration platform designed specifically for product teams to connect, collaborate, and bring their vision to life with features such as issue reporting, rapid development, and integrated messaging & video calls.

a day ago
AI Signature Generator

AI Signature Generator is a cutting-edge tool for creating personalized and professional electronic signatures. It offers features like drawing or typing your signature, a user-friendly interface, and the option for rapid rendering and unlimited downloads, all for free.

a day ago

GenSpark.ai offers a revolutionary webpage format called Sparkpage featuring a built-in AI copilot, allowing users to interact through chat and ask questions for an enhanced browsing experience.

a day ago
New UNESCO report warns that Generative AI threatens Holocaust memory

A UNESCO report cautions that Generative AI poses risks to Holocaust memory by enabling the spread of disinformation and antisemitism. It highlights how AI can absorb societal biases, potentially generating content that distorts history or promotes prejudice. UNESCO urges the implementation of ethical AI principles and digital literacy education to protect historical truth.

a day ago

Butterflies AI is an innovative platform leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance team collaboration and meeting efficiency. It provides tools for automatic meeting transcription, action item tracking, and real-time insights to help teams make the most of their time.

a day ago
ChatGPT Folder Master

ChatGPT Folder Master is a Chrome extension that helps users organize their ChatGPT conversations into folders for $4.99/month. Features include local privacy, hierarchical folders, an intuitive interface, customizable colors, and bookmarking essential chats.

a day ago
AI Patient Intake

Puppeteer is bridging the gap between healthcare and generative AI by providing digital, conversational intake forms that improve patient experience with real-time checking, high-quality question adaptation, and summarized information for better decision-making by doctors.

a day ago
AI Logo Reveals

The website mojo-app.com/ai offers the ability to create stunning logo animations using AI. Users can upload their .png logo files with a transparent background for optimal results. Animations are generated to add a professional touch to brand presentations.

a day ago
Sequoia is both more and less generous to Intel Macs, depending on the model

Apple's MacOS 15 Sequoia may be the final update for Intel Macs, with the MacBook Air from 2018 and a similar 2019 model being dropped from support. While other Intel Mac models benefited from the update, the accelerated rate of phasing out support raises questions about the future of Intel Mac support.

2 days ago
Google Gemini tried to kill me

A Reddit user in the ChatGPT subreddit shares a harrowing experience where they followed a process for infusing garlic in olive oil, likely suggested by a form of AI, only to discover it was breeding botulism. This incident raises concerns about the reliability of AI-generated advice and prompts discussions on user safety and the potential hazards of unquestioningly following AI instructions.

2 days ago
Large language model data pipelines and Common Crawl

Christian S. Perone presents an in-depth analysis of data pipelines used for training large language models (LLMs), with a focus on the data extraction stages of Common Crawl. Key pipeline stages like deduplication, language filtering, LM filtering, and 'is-reference' filtering are discussed to illustrate their significance in dataset quality.

2 days ago
Open Source Python ETL

Amphi is an open-source Python ETL tool for data integration, extraction, and pipeline development. It provides a low-code graphical user-interface, generates native Python code, and features privacy with local data storage and processing.

2 days ago
Reports: Apple is halting its next high-end Vision in favor of something cheaper

Apple is re-evaluating its strategy for its high-end Vision Pro headset by reportedly cancelling its production to focus on a more affordable model. The lower-cost version is expected to feature fewer cameras, smaller speakers, and a reduced display quality, with a pricing around $1,600 and a release target set before the end of 2025.

2 days ago
AI bot running for mayor in Wyoming (sort of)

An AI election candidate named VIC is virtually running for mayor in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with human Victor Miller as its proxy, amid legal complexities.

2 days ago
What Is ChatGPT Doing and Why Does It Work? (2023)

Stephen Wolfram provides an in-depth analysis of how ChatGPT operates and why it's able to generate human-like text. He discusses the neural net structure, transformer architecture, training process, and potential implications for science and technology.

2 days ago

Callin.io offers AI-powered phone consultants and secretaries for businesses, providing 24/7 customer interaction capabilities. They provide a free trial and various AI personalities like Lisa and Alicia, catering to different business sizes and needs. Features include missed call response, FAQ handling, and personalized experiences with multilingual support.

2 days ago

Genspark revolutionizes the traditional search experience using AI agents that generate custom Sparkpages, providing personalized, relevant, and unbiased content directly to the user in real time.

2 days ago

Summit is an AI-powered life coach that offers organizational tools, accountability partnerships, and personalized coaching to help users achieve their goals. It's accessible via iOS, Android, and the web, offering features like goal breakdown, progress tracking, and an engaging user interface designed specially for productivity-driven individuals, including those with ADHD.

2 days ago

Accorata is an AI-powered platform providing early-stage deal sourcing, helping investors track global pre-seed and seed startups rapidly. It integrates directly with inboxes to filter relevant decks and uses AI for founder due diligence, assuring swift access to investment opportunities from over 30 sources online.

2 days ago
Video to Sound Effects by ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs introduces Texts to Sounds Effects API, which is now available for users to integrate into their applications. The API converts text inputs into sound effects, enhancing the interactive and multimedia experience. The implementation code is open-sourced and available on GitHub.

3 days ago
Will We Run Out of Data? Limits of LLM Scaling Based on Human-Generated Data

Analysis predicts that if the growth of language model dataset sizes continues, the total stock of high-quality human-generated text data (~300T tokens) could be fully utilized between 2026 and 2032.

3 days ago
LLM that can call multiple tool APIs with one request

Cohere introduces Command R+, their newest and most powerful model in the Command R family, designed to automate complex business workflows. The multi-step tool leverages the use of AI to simplify and enhance productivity.

3 days ago
Getting 50% (SoTA) on Arc-AGI with GPT-4o

Redwood Research outlines achieving 50% accuracy on ARC-AGI tests using GPT-4o. The team generated about 8,000 Python programs per problem, enhancing the AI's performance using few-shot prompts, program revisions, and better grid representations compared to previous methods.

3 days ago
Spain's AI Doctor

Spain's National Institute of Social Security (INSS) utilizes secretive AI systems to detect potential fraud in sick leave benefits, raising questions about transparency, data privacy, and algorithmic discrimination. An in-depth investigation uncovers the limited success of these algorithms and their impact on both the public and medical inspectors.

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