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Replit cuts staff by 30 amid aggressive AI push in software development


Replit, a cloud-based software development platform, has laid off 30 employees, nearly 17% of its workforce, as part of an aggressive pivot towards leveraging artificial intelligence in its coding tools. CEO Amjad Masad shared this news in an internal email, stressing the move's importance for the company's long-term success and commitment to making programming accessible. At the core of Replit's strategy is the AI-powered code completion tool, Ghostwriter, now called 'Replit AI'. Despite the cuts, Replit continues to pursue a vision where AI is integral to their platform and programming in general.

  • Replit laid off 30 employees amidst AI strategy reformation.
  • CEO Amjad Masad communicated the layoffs via email.
  • Replit's workforce estimated to be around 180 pre-layoffs.
  • Replit AI is the revamped Ghostwriter tool for AI coding.
  • The layoffs reflect broader tech industry cost adjustments.