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Malleable software in the age of LLMs (2023)


Geoffrey Litt's article highlights the transformative potential of large language models (LLMs), like OpenAI's GPT-4, on end-user programming abilities. Litt proposes that soon, all computer users could develop simple software tools and modify existing ones, implying a shift towards malleable software where non-developers can harness the computational power previously reserved for programmers. This could lead to the creation of one-off scripts, tailored GUIs, and custom software, ultimately enhancing personal and business software interaction.

  • OpenAI released GPT-4.
  • Microsoft Research showcased GPT-4's advanced coding capability.
  • LLMs may change how all users engage with software.
  • ChatGPT plugins represent a shift in user-programming interaction.
  • LLMs could democratize software creation and modification.