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Recruiters Are Going Analog to Fight the AI Application Overload


Recruiters are adapting to the influx of AI-generated applications by either incorporating more generative AI tools or relying on traditional methods. Tech layoffs since 2022 have increased job applications, leading to AI being used more in recruitment processes. However, concerns about AI bias and quality of candidates remain. Major job platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are enhancing their AI tools for both recruiters and job seekers to improve the efficiency of recruitment.

  • Generative AI is being incorporated by platforms like LinkedIn to help with recruitment.
  • Recruiters express concerns about AI's decision-making and potential biases.
  • LinkedIn's AI chatbot is designed to assist job hunters in the application process.
  • LinkedIn's generative AI helps recruiters by suggesting candidates and writing messages.
  • AI tools can potentially overlook good candidates not active on job platforms.