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We gotta stop ignoring AI's hallucination problem


The article highlights the concern around AI's propensity for 'hallucination' or outputting incorrect information, with recent events revealing the errors made by AI systems like Google's Gemini, Microsoft's Copilot, and OpenAI's ChatGPT. The issue is inherent to AI language models, and despite efforts at mitigation, poses significant risks to dependability.

  • Meta AI confused a female deputy editor for a bearded man.
  • ChatGPT wrongly informed an editor they didn't work at The Verge.
  • Galactica, an AI by Meta, was shut down in just three days after launch.
  • OpenAI's CEO suggests inaccuracies in AI should be acceptable.
  • Large language models can 'hallucinate' false realities due to their pattern recognition design.