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OpenAI created a team to control 'superintelligent' AI – then let it wither


OpenAI's Superalignment team, aimed at controlling superintelligent AI, was promised substantial resources which were later denied. This led to resignations including co-lead Jan Leike, amid disagreements on the company's priorities. OpenAI leadership's focus on product launches overshadowed safety culture, and the superalignment mission is to be diluted into the company rather than having a dedicated team. Co-founder Ilya Sutskever's departure following a conflict with CEO Sam Altman adds to the turmoil.

  • Superalignment team lacked promised compute resources.
  • Jan Leike cited disagreements, resigning from OpenAI.
  • Safety culture took a backseat at OpenAI.
  • Sutskever left over conflict with Sam Altman.
  • Team's mission diluted, no longer dedicated.