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2 minutes ago
Matryoshka Representation Learning with CLIP

Marqo explores Matryoshka Representation Learning with CLIP, enhancing multimodal retrieval and ranking with flexible embedding sizes that balance efficiency and granularity. MRL allows smaller embeddings without compromising performance by condensing crucial information into first few dimensions, enabling models like GCL to reduce operating costs.

2 minutes ago
Microsoft's AI will be inside Minecraft, and other Xbox, PC games

Microsoft's AI, Copilot, will integrate into games like Minecraft to assist players by searching inventories and offering in-game guidance. This feature, using ChatGPT and Dalle-3 language models, was highlighted at Microsoft's Surface and AI event. It raises questions about the future of web-based game guides and data privacy.

an hour ago
Mapping the Mind of a Large Language Model

Anthropic reports a breakthrough in AI interpretability by mapping the conceptual representation within Claude Sonnet, a large language model. The researchers revealed that millions of concepts are represented across many neurons, enabling the model to understand a multitude of entities and abstractions. They can measure 'distances' between concepts and manipulate features to alter responses. The findings aim to improve model safety, mitigating biases and preventing misuse.

an hour ago

AssemblyAI provides state-of-the-art Speech AI models tailored for voice data transcription, speaker detection, sentiment analysis, and more. It offers easy integration, scalable pricing, constantly updated models, and 24/7 customer support.

3 hours ago
AI Needs Enormous Computing Power. Could Light-Based Chips Help?

AI's computational demands are outpacing Moore's law, threatening sustainability. Optical neural networks using photons can process information faster, use less energy, and handle more data simultaneously than electronic systems. Recent advances show potential for significant improvements in AI efficiency, but optical computing still faces challenges in scaling and cost-effectiveness against established electronic chips.

4 hours ago
Building an AI game studio: what we've learned so far

Braindump offers an innovative platform that combines AI technology with game development, allowing users to create 2.5D and top-down games through natural language prompts. By simply typing commands like 'Create a Starfighter that can shoot lasers', the system generates 3D models, game data, and scripts. Braindump has evolved from basic prototypes to a sophisticated interface for game creation, which includes multiplayer and a unique UX design that encourages iterative building through AI prompts.

5 hours ago
Chameleon: Meta's New Multi-Modal LLM

We present Chameleon, a family of early-fusion token-based mixed-modal models capable of understanding and generating images and text in any arbitrary sequence. The models demonstrate state-of-the-art performance in image captioning and competitive results in other tasks, outperforming several existing models in diverse evaluations.

5 hours ago
Langfuse (YC W23) is hiring engineers in Berlin: open-source LLM devtool

Langfuse is actively hiring for technical positions based in Berlin, Germany. They offer competitive salaries and equity. Open roles include Backend Engineer, Product Engineer, and Developer Advocate. More information about these positions can be found on their Y Combinator profile and Langfuse website.

5 hours ago
Trying out the Panel-of-Experts prompting strategy for LLMs

Nick Thapen from Sourcery discusses how roleplaying a 'Panel-of-Experts' can significantly improve Large Language Model (LLM) prompting results. The technique mitigates some limitations of the Chain-of-Thought approach and has decreased error rate from 40% to 20% in challenging test cases despite increased costs.

5 hours ago
We created the first open source implementation of Meta's TestGen–LLM

Codium AI developed Cover-Agent, the first open-source implementation of Meta's TestGen–LLM. It helps enhance code coverage by generating tests automatically, with features like additional instructions, test validation, and context-aware inputs for higher-quality tests. It aims to run as part of the CI/CD pipeline to suggest improvements post-pull requests.

5 hours ago

Neo-Locus is a leading brand in home decor, focusing on modern furniture and interior design that brings life to every living space.

5 hours ago
Welcome Compass

Welcome Compass offers a digital platform for property owners to create personalized guidebooks for their guests with no extra work involved. It caters to short term rental property owners, hoteliers, and B&B owners by providing a tailored welcome message service and local recommendations for each guest.

5 hours ago
Native AI

Native AI offers a universal AI interface to streamline operations across various apps, thereby reducing context switching, tedious manual tasks, and dealing with clunky UIs. The platform is currently accepting users for its private alpha free of charge, with the aim of increasing app interaction speeds and creating effortless automation within workflows. The interface allows for typing, shortcuts, and autocomplete across apps like Gmail, Jira, and Slack.

5 hours ago
Copilot+ PC

Microsoft introduces Copilot+ PCs, a new category of Windows PCs designed for AI, featuring up to 40+ TOPS, all-day battery life, and advanced AI models for productivity, creativity, and communication enhancements.

5 hours ago

AssemblyAI has launched Universal-1, a multilingual speech-to-text model with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Trained on over 12.5 million hours of audio data in English, Spanish, French, and German, it significantly improves word error rates and timestamp estimation, and supports code-switching.

5 hours ago

Octoverse by NEXA AI offers AI agent foundation models including Octopus v2, v3, and v4, enabling developers to integrate AI companions within apps to execute tasks effectively. It's faster and more cost-efficient than competitors like GPT-4o and specializes in on-device deployment.

15 hours ago
The ChatGPT wrapper product boom is an uncanny valley hellscape

The author criticizes the surge of AI businesses using lightweight wrappers around ChatGPT for easy content generation. It highlights how companies use misleading advertisements to sell subscriptions, then produce low-quality content. The article emphasizes the author's disappointment with the content marketing space, comparing the ensuing articles to a monotonous voice narrating bland content. Despite the critique on current uses of the technology, the author remains hopeful for meaningful future applications of machine learning.

17 hours ago
Scarlett Johansson says she is 'shocked, angered' over new ChatGPT voice

Scarlett Johansson expressed shock and anger over the release of an OpenAI ChatGPT voice that closely resembles her own. Despite declining OpenAI's initial offer to voice the assistant, the subsequent AI demonstrably mimicked her tone, sparking legal queries and debate around AI ethics. OpenAI, facing scrutiny, paused the voice amid discussions of transparency and appropriate legislative protections for individuals.

18 hours ago
FBI Arrests Man for Generating AI Child Sexual Abuse Imagery

The FBI has arrested Steven Anderegg for using generative AI to create child sexual abuse imagery and distributed it online, marking one of the first such instances. Anderegg allegedly generated thousands of images involving minors and shared them over platforms like Instagram and Telegram.

19 hours ago
AI-Free Products

Cory Dransfeldt discusses the saturation of AI in products and advocates for simple, AI-free tools that focus on user needs without unnecessary complexity. He emphasizes the appeal of straightforward products that do what they promise over AI-infused products that may detract from functionality.

a day ago
Microsoft announces Copilot Plus PCs with built-in AI hardware

Microsoft introduces 'Copilot Plus PCs' featuring built-in AI hardware with support for AI features in Windows laptops. Devices from Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and Asus, including new Surface models with Qualcomm chips, meet the 'Copilot Plus PC' requirements with specific RAM and storage. Integration with OpenAI's GPT-4o and Windows 11 AI models enhance user experience, aiming for a transformative future for Windows laptops.

a day ago
Replit cuts staff by 30 amid aggressive AI push in software development

Replit, a cloud-based software development platform, has laid off 30 employees, nearly 17% of its workforce, as part of an aggressive pivot towards leveraging artificial intelligence in its coding tools. CEO Amjad Masad shared this news in an internal email, stressing the move's importance for the company's long-term success and commitment to making programming accessible. At the core of Replit's strategy is the AI-powered code completion tool, Ghostwriter, now called 'Replit AI'. Despite the cuts, Replit continues to pursue a vision where AI is integral to their platform and programming in general.

a day ago
AI doppelgänger experiment – Part 1: The training

Julien Posture discusses the interplay between human and AI perceptions of style through the AI doppelgänger experiment. The process involves training a model to capture an artist's unique style and exploring how this intersects with culturally constructed ways of seeing and the objectification of artistic work.

a day ago
User Evaluation AI

User Evaluation leverages AI to conduct, analyze and summarize customer interviews, offering immediate access to transcripts and visual data presentations. It is GDPR and SOC 2 compliant, ensuring secure and human-like conversations.

a day ago
ChatPlayground AI

ChatPlayground offers a suite of 16+ AI tools specialized in delivering a comprehensive AI chatbot experience. From expertly crafted prompt libraries to real-time internet search capabilities, multilingual support, and a unique image generator, users can benefit from seamless conversation history and custom content interactions.

a day ago
Magic Bookshelf - AI Stories

Magic Bookshelf is an AI-driven story app that brings a thrilling dimension to storytime for children and adults. By blending enchanting storytelling with the magic of technology, it promises a unique experience that makes reading interactive and immersive.

a day ago
Edde AI

Edde.ai offers AI-powered tools for enhancing academic writing, including grammar checks, title and outline generators, a research helper, citation management, and subject guides. It provides different pricing tiers including a free trial and a monthly subscription for professional use.

a day ago

Smartli is an AI-powered tool that helps e-commerce businesses, bloggers, and social media managers generate high-quality, SEO-friendly product descriptions efficiently. It offers a suite of AI tools including text generators, ad writers, and content enhancers, aiming to enhance brand presence and drive profits.

a day ago
Multi AI Chat

The Multi-AI Chat App is a web application that integrates multiple AI technologies to provide users with a versatile chat platform, hosted on Vercel.

a day ago

Becca is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates engaging LinkedIn posts by analyzing the latest trends in one's niche. By emulating a user's style and audience, it promises consistent presence and increased client attraction with minimal effort.

a day ago

Jib is a voice-based AI app that offers fast and fluent interaction, designed so users can communicate hands-free, tailor prompts and adjust speaking speed. Users can interrupt Jib without confusion, enhancing the conversational experience. Jib is currently available for free on the App Store in public beta.

3 days ago
Reading list to join AI field from Hugging Face cofounder

The provided reading list by Thom Wolf offers a comprehensive guide for self-educating in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). It features exhaustive books and resources including the 'Deep Learning' book, AI and ML textbooks, and materials on reinforcement learning, causality, and NLP representation learning.

3 days ago
Microsoft's Emissions Spike 29% as AI Gobbles Up Resources

In 2023, Microsoft's emissions increased by 29% and water usage rose by 23% due to high demand for AI resources. Despite using renewable energy equivalent to powering Paris for two years, challenges in sustainability persist, especially in data center operations.

3 days ago
OpenAI created a team to control 'superintelligent' AI – then let it wither

OpenAI's Superalignment team, aimed at controlling superintelligent AI, was promised substantial resources which were later denied. This led to resignations including co-lead Jan Leike, amid disagreements on the company's priorities. OpenAI leadership's focus on product launches overshadowed safety culture, and the superalignment mission is to be diluted into the company rather than having a dedicated team. Co-founder Ilya Sutskever's departure following a conflict with CEO Sam Altman adds to the turmoil.

3 days ago
OpenAI Scraps Team That Researched Risk of 'Rogue' AI

OpenAI disbanded its Superalignment team, which was formed to address AI risks such as potential 'rogue' behaviors. The dissolution occurred after the resignation of co-leaders Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike, who expressed concerns over OpenAI's prioritization of product launches over safety measures.

3 days ago
Apple enters the generative AI race

Apple is set to announce its plans for generative AI at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, showcasing updates to iOS 18 amid rumors of potential deals with OpenAI and Google's Gemini technology to integrate AI features into iPhone services.

3 days ago
Noi: an AI-enhanced, customizable browser

Noi is an AI-enhanced, customizable browser designed to streamline your digital experience. It features a custom browsing experience, prompts management, AI interactions through Noi Ask, themes, cache mode for speedy browsing, and cookie data isolation. Noi offers a unique browsing concept without traditional tabs and includes various sync options for users.

3 days ago
Malleable software in the age of LLMs (2023)

Geoffrey Litt's article highlights the transformative potential of large language models (LLMs), like OpenAI's GPT-4, on end-user programming abilities. Litt proposes that soon, all computer users could develop simple software tools and modify existing ones, implying a shift towards malleable software where non-developers can harness the computational power previously reserved for programmers. This could lead to the creation of one-off scripts, tailored GUIs, and custom software, ultimately enhancing personal and business software interaction.

3 days ago
NetBSD Bans AI-Generated Code from Commits

NetBSD Commit Guidelines outline the standards and procedures that developers must follow when making commits to the source tree. It emphasizes code familiarity, license compliance, pre-approval for intrusive changes, required testing, grouping related commits, separating different fix types, thorough documentation in logs, and proper credit acknowledgment.

3 days ago

Flexibility is a versatile superassistant suitable for team members with varied needs, offering services like writing, learning, and coding. It's available for free and is accessible to everyone, with the option to upgrade to more advanced features and access to the latest AI models, including GPT-4.

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